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Procedure documentation Setting Up Error Notifications for Administrators  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can specify that an administrator is to receive a message when an integration process has an error status. The administrator receives the message in the workflow inbox of SAP Business Workplace. You can specify that the system is to forward the message to an e-mail address for the user.

The administrator receives notifications for all integration processes and for any workflows for which no other administrator is specified. You cannot specify administrators for individual integration processes.


       1.      In automatic Customizing (transaction SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING), specify a user as the administrator for workflow.

This user must be familiar with the integration processes so that he or she can take action, if required.

Setting Up Forwarding to an E-mail Address

       2.      In the user maintenance (transaction SU01), check whether an e-mail address is defined for the specified user.

See also: Creating and Maintaining User Master Records

       3.      Specify the automatic forwarding to e-mail addresses.

You can set up the automatic forwarding for a particular user or across the whole system.

¡        For specific users only:

Call transaction SO36 and specify the automatic forwarding for the relevant user.

See also: Setting Automatic Forwarding Centrally

¡        System-wide:

                                                  i.       Call transaction SO16.

                                                ii.       Select Send to Home Addresses of Users on the Mail sy.grp (Mail System Group) tab page.

       4.      Check whether e-mails can be sent using SAPconnect (transaction SCOT).

An INT node for sending e-mails using SAP Internet Mail Gateway must be set up and the relevant send jobs must be scheduled, for example.

See also: SAPconnect


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