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Procedure documentation Deleting Process Data No Longer Required  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Using the RSWF_XI_INSTANCES_DELETE report, you can delete process data that is no longer required. This enables you to release the occupied memory. Execute this report regularly to reduce the amount of memory required.

Deletable Data

For performance reasons, data that is no longer required is flagged for deletion in the SWFRXIHDR, SWFRXICNT, and SWFRXIPRC tables. However, the system does not delete this data automatically.

Only data that is not required for the execution of processes is assigned the deletion indicator. Monitoring data can be lost as a result of the deletion. This in turn, can mean that the workflow log no longer contains all data.

Check Deletable Data

The report deletes the selected data without further confirmation. To avoid deleting data unintentionally, it is recommended that you first determine and check the data to be deleted by using the RSWF_XI_INSTANCES_SHOW report.


       1.      Start the RSWF_XI_INSTANCES_SHOW report to determine which data is deletable.

       2.      On the selection screen, specify the required selection criteria, such as the creation date or the date of the deletion indicator.

       3.      Check the results returned by the report and change the selection criteria if required.

       4.      If you want to delete the data listed, start the RSWF_XI_INSTANCES_DELETE report using the same selection criteria.


Note that when you execute the RSWF_XI_INSTANCES_DELETE report, the system deletes the data without further confirmation.



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