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You can merge a frequently-used sequence of steps into a step group.


Grouping steps into step groups has the following advantages:


You define a step group once and can insert it into other processes or reuse it several times within a process. 


In the process definition in the process editor, you can show or hide the steps within a step group.

When you hide the steps, only the symbol for the step group remains visible. This allows you to improve the overall clarity and comprehensibility of processes, complicated processes in particular.

You can display the properties for the steps within a step group in the properties area or double-click to open the step group at any time.


       1.      Create a step group.

More information: Creating an Object

       2.      Insert the required steps in the step group.

You can start to define some simple properties, for example, step names. However, since one step group does not have a container, you cannot define any properties that reference container elements.

       3.      Insert the step group into the required process.

To do this, you choose the step group in the context menu for the definition of the relevant process. You cannot insert a step group into another step group.

       4.      Enhance the required properties for the individual steps.

To do so, choose the relevant step from the menu in the properties area.

Modifying Step Groups

Any changes you make to a step group do not affect existing processes. They only affect processes that you insert the step group into after the changes are made.


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