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You can create a new object and then edit it in the object editor.


A software component version with a namespace must exist before you can create an object in the Enterprise Services Repository.

More information: Namespace

You create local objects in local software component versions.

You create productive objects in SLD-based software component versions. SLD-based software component versions must be imported beforehand into the Enterprise Services Repository.

More information: Creating a Software Component Version



       1.      In the main menu choose Object New (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text).

The create dialog is displayed.

You can also call the create dialog by positioning the cursor on a structure node in the navigation area and choosing New (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) in the context menu. In this case, there are already entries in the create dialog, corresponding to the position of the cursor in the navigation area.


You cannot create objects of type RFC or IDoc again.

       2.      Select the object type first (for example, Service Interface) and then specify the object key.

The object key for Enterprise Services Repository objects comprises the following attributes:


Enter the name manually.

Read the Notes on Object Names below.


       Software Component Version

To select the namespace and software component version, use input help (icon This graphic is explained in the accompanying text). If you select the software component version first, input help only makes those namespaces available for selection that were defined for the selected software component version.

       3.      To confirm your entries, choose Create.

This calls the object editor for this object. The specifications that you made when you created the object are displayed in the header. You can edit the object further in the work area of the object editor.

More information: Object Editor


Once you have confirmed your entries by choosing Create in the Create Object dialog, you can no longer change the object key.

Notes on Object Names

The name of an object is not language-specific and is unique within a namespace.

      The name length is limited to 120 characters.

      The first character must be a letter (upper or lower case).

      The remaining characters must be made up of letters (upper or lower case), numbers (0 to 9), or the underscore (_) character.

      Blanks are not permitted.


We recommend that you adhere to Upper Camel Case (UCC) notation when you name objects. This notation does not use blanks to separate parts of names; instead it only uses a switch from lowercase to uppercase letters (for example, CheckFlightSeatAvailability).

Use British English for the individual parts of the name.


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