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Language-independent service interfaces in the ES Repository enable you to define the type of communication and the data to be exchanged for a particular communication party. For example, service interfaces can be used for cross-system communication using the Integration Server or the Web service runtime.

More information: Introduction to Service Development.


You must assign service interfaces in the ES Builder to a software component version. This can be either a local software component version (for content that is not shipment-relevant), or a software component version from the System Landscape Directory. At least one repository namespace must be defined in the software component version.

More information: Development Cycle in the Enterprise Services Repository, Organization of ESR Content



       1.      Clarify what the purpose of your service interfaces is

       Point-to-point communication

       Communication Using the Integration Server

       2.      All development at SAP undergoes a standardization process (governance) Find out about this process before you being to develop service interfaces.

       3.      You need to take different development aspects into account depending on the how the service interfaces are to be used; these aspects are described in the following sections:

       Developing Services Outside-In (Communication Using the Integration Server)

       Developing Point-to-Point-Services Outside-In







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