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Function documentation Naming Java Proxy Objects (XI 3.0-Compatible)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Compared to ABAP, Java has fewer restrictions regarding names for labels (for example, for classes or data types). This documentation deals with cases where proxy generation cannot copy names without making adjustments.


The length of labels in Java is practically unlimited and they are case-sensitive. The technical names of the generated Java proxy classes are based on the JAX RPC specification:

      Namespaces are mapped to packages.

      Classes for interfaces have the suffix _PortType.

      Classes for data types have the suffix _Type.

The suffixes correspond to the element names from the imported WSDL document and help to avoid naming collisions. For this reason, naming conflicts are very unlikely. If a naming collision occurs, proxy generation terminates and triggers an error message.

The following conversions are made during generation:

Name Conversions in Java Proxy Generation



In class names the first letter is changed to upper case.

Mapping of names based on Java conventions and the JAX Rpc specification (

These mappings should avoid naming conflicts.

Java key words are preceded by an underscore (for example, ‘_private').

The system attaches the WSDL tags '_PortType', '_Type' and '_Message' to the corresponding label name.

The Java package name is derived from the namespace that the object is assigned to.


Some operating systems have fixed conventions for file names. In Windows, for example, upper case characters within a file name are replaced by lower case characters. Therefore, the file name FlightBooking would become Flightbooking.






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