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The bookings for the individual flights of the flight trip are to be sent to the respective airlines simultaneously. To do so, insert a block with a ParForEach into the integration process.

A ParForEach means that the block will be executed more than once: a block instance is created for each line of a multiline container element. All block instances are processed simultaneously.

You specify the list of bookings for the individual flights, which was created in the previous transformation step, as the multiline container element. Define another container element for the current line of the multiline container element. At runtime, this container element contains a reference to the booking message, which is being processed by the respective block instance. You define the container element for the current line locally for the block. This is so that data can be entered in it for each block instance.


Creating a Block



       1.      Insert a step of type Block (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) after the transformation step.

       2.      In the properties area, enter SendParallel as the step name.

       3.      In the Mode field, choose ParForEach.

       4.      Double-click the Multiline Element field.

       5.      In the expression editor, select Interface Variable and then BookingOrderList.

Defining a Container Element for the Current Line

       6.      Define the container element that the booking, which is currently being processed, is to reference.

You must select the block in the editing area to be able to define the container element locally for it. Next, define the element as usual in the Container view.

The container element for the current line must have the same type as the list of bookings.

       Name: BookingOrder

       Category: Abstract Interface

       Type: FlightBookingOrderRequest_Abstract

       Container: SendParallel

Using a Container Element

       7.      To use the container element in the block, in the properties area for the block, double-click the Current Line field.

       8.      Choose the BookingOrder container element. 

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