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An integration process comprises individual steps. First, you insert the step in the integration process definition. Next, you define the properties of the step.

Step Types

You can use various different step types for this purpose. Which properties you can define for a step depends on the type of step and is described in the respective step type documentation. 

Container Elements

Some step types use container elements (variables), for example, messages, counter variables, and so on. To be able to use a container element you must first have defined it.


Receive and send steps can activate or use correlations. You must first define a correlation before you can enter it in a receiver or send step.


You have created an integration process.

See: Creating a New Object.



       1.      Click the required step type in the process editor toolbar and drag it between the start and end markers of the integration process.

See: Step Types

       2.      Define the properties of the step in the Properties area of the process editor:

                            a.      Define the required container elements.

See: Defining the Data for a Process in Containers

                            b.      To specify a container element in a step, click This graphic is explained in the accompanying text with the quick info Used Parent Element and then drag the container element to the relevant property in the properties area.

                            c.      If applicable, define the correlations you require and then select them from the properties area for the step.

See: Correlation: Defining Assignment of Messages to Process Instances


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