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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text How is attribute editing facilitated?  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

There are several ways to open attributes for editing:

      You can open the properties section of the modeling and select the attributes tab page there if you have selected one item or only items of the same type.
The properties of the selected items are always displayed in this section. When you select other items, the display is changed accordingly.

      Right-click on an item and then on Properties. The dialog box for this item opens and you can click on Attributes in the tree view.

      You can select one or more elements and press F8.

You can select one or more elements by right-clicking in the selection and then clicking on Attributes. The attributes window opens and the items are placed on the corresponding tabs. This dialog box is used to make extensive attribute changes. You can leave the dialog box open and insert new items by drag and drop or by clicking on their Attribute menus.

Attribute Editing has two columns if you are working in one language, or more columns if you are working in multiple languages. The left column lists the attribute names, the right column displays the attribute values.

All maintained attributes are listed alphabetically or by method.

The Attributes window lists all attributes allowed by the current method filter by attribute type group. The Attributes tab and the Attributes dialog box only list the attributes that you want to view. You can decide whether attributes

      are displayed only if they have an attribute value, i.e., if they are maintained (Hide/If not maintained).

      are never displayed (Hide/Always).

Use the More attributes button to open the insert attributes dialog box containing the attributes that are not displayed. You can select the desired attribute and assign a value to it.


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