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Procedure documentation 7: Sending a Booking for an Individual Flight (Send Step)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The bookings for the individual flights of the flight trip are to be sent to the respective airlines simultaneously. To do this, you define a send step within the block. Since the integration process is not to wait until the confirmation is received before proceeding, you define the send step as an asynchronous send step. The receivers are determined from the receiver determination that is configured in the Integration Directory.

In the previous lesson, you defined a correlation that links the booking with the confirmation. In this lesson, you will define that this correlation will be activated by the send step. The same correlation will be used later by a receive step to receive the confirmation.

Since a ParForEach is defined for the block in which you want to create the send step, the message will be sent to all airlines simultaneously. Since you defined the correlation as a local correlation in the previous lesson, a separate correlation instance is created for each block instance.



       1.      Insert a send step (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) into the block.

       2.      In the properties area, enter SendSingleBookingToAirline as the step name.

       3.      To define the message to be sent, specify the container element that references the current line of the list of bookings:

                            a.      Double-click the Message field.

                            b.      In the expression editor, select Container Element and choose Interface.

                            c.      Choose BookingOrder.

       4.      In the Activate Correlations field, select BookingConfirmation.

       5.      Specify which values are to activate the correlation:

                            a.      Double-click the AgencyID field.

                            b.      In the expression editor, select Interface Variable and then BookingOrder.

                            c.      In the XPath screen area, navigate to the travel agency ID.

The XPath Expression fields displays the following: /p1:FlightBookingOrderRequest/AgencyData/AgencyID

                            d.      The Multiline field must not be selected.

                            e.      Following the same procedure, enter the following XPath expressions:

       for the OrderNumber field:

       for the ItemNumber field:

       6.      Use the default values for the following fields:

       Mode: Asynchronous

       Receiver From: Send Context

       Acknowledgment: None

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