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This interface pattern describes the search for data records by means of selection criteria that are handed over to the operation. It is read-only access. Divide the operation up according to the purpose of the search and then by which selection criteria that are to be used.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Further comments:

  • For message types that have the term Simple in the name, only a few attributes are expected as the result of the search and these are displayed in a hit list.

  • The by elements addition means that many different selection criteria, which are not expressed as part of the name, are used for the operation. There can only be one such operation for each service interface.

  • Operations that have Find <BO2> in the name search for data records that are references by <BO> in a second BO.

    Example Example

    <BO> is a purchase order and <BO2> a material. To model a search for material data records using an order data you must model a service interface with the name Query Purchase Order and an operation with the name Find Material by Order Date. You also get the name for the message type from this (Purchase Order Material by Order Date Query).

    End of the example.