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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text How to restore the default for individual model items  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can undo all model changes that you made by assigning templates.



In the following, the procedure will be explained using the example of restoring the default for objects of the Function type:


       1.      Right-click on an object of the Function type.

       2.      Click on Select/Select all of this type.

       3.      Right-click. Select Format/Apply template.

       4.      If necessary, use the scroll bar to scroll until the Reset template appears.

       5.      Click on the Reset template.

       6.      Click on OK. All selected objects and all future objects are reset to their default values.


If you do not want to reset all future objects to their default values, do the following:


       1.      Place a new object in the model window and select it.

       2.      Right-click. Select Format/Apply template.

       3.      If necessary, use the scroll bar to scroll until the name of the Reset template appears.

       4.      Click on the name of the template.

       5.      Click on OK.

       6.      Delete the object you have just placed if you do not want to use it in your model. New objects are created based on the selected template.



The selected model items are reset to the default.



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