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Before you can publish any service interfaces, you must configure a connection between the ES Repository and the Services Registry (more information: Technical Communication at Design Time).

The service interface that you want to publish must be activated. You can only publish inbound service interfaces.



       1.      In the ES Builder, open the inbound service interface that you want to publish.

       2.      Navigate to the WSDL tab page.

       3.      Choose Publish.


The ES Builder creates the following information for the service interface in the Services Registry:

Published Information


Physical System

Uniquely identifies the ES Repository from which you published the service interface. You can use this information in the search function in the Services Registry.


Uniquely identifies the model for the published service interface in the Services Registry.


URL to WSDL definition in ES Repository.

You use the URL to access the WSDL definition of the service interface. The definition has the following properties:

      It only contains the description of the inbound service interface without any end point information (which is required to call this service later).

      It adheres to the WS interoperability (WS-I) standard.

For more information about finding service interfaces in the Services Registry, see: Searching & Browsing Service Definitions.






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