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The SAP NetWeaver usage type Process Integration provides functions to implement complex integration scenarios. The runtime plays a central role in the Integration Server for the exchange of messages between applications.

The functions handled in this section only refer to the application integration using the Integration Server. For this type of integration you can perform mapping programs on the Integration Server and using integration processes you can consider dependencies between messages during message exchange. You use adapter objects to define copy templates for configuration.


The documentation in this section assumes that it has already been defined which interfaces are involved in the application integration and that these are already in the ES Repository.

More information: Defining Service Structure with Interface Objects.


  1. If the receiver expects a different message format that the sender, you need a mapping program with which the Integration Server can map both formats on to each other at runtime. To keep the number of mapping programs small, the sender and receiver would ideally agree upon a common format.

    More information: Mapping Messages with Mapping Programs

  2. If partners develop adapters for SAP, the partners can specify configuration data in the ES Repository with adapter metadata that is required for each adapter type. This configuration data determines the parameters possible for an adapter type.

    To use the configuration parameters of an adapter for some standard cases, all customers can define communication channel templates in the ES Repository for pre-existing adapters. SAP delivers, for example, communication channel templates to facilitate the configuration of RosettaNet scenarios.

    More information: Adapter metadata

  3. The message exchange using the Integration Server is stateless. If it is required in more complicated integration scenarios that during a message exchange that information about this exchange be retained on the Integration Server, then you must work with integration processes. An integration process defines a process-flow model and allows it to correlate multiple messages.

    More information: Integration Processes

More Information

More information on application integration using the Integration Server, see the development guide sections:

More information about service orchestration with integration processes, see the developer's guideService Orchestration (Integration Processes).