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If the standard functions for a target-field mapping do not fulfill your requirements, or if the graphical representation becomes unclear due to the complexity of the mapping, you have the option of creating your own user-defined functions. You can create Java source text in this function, and the ES Builder saves it in a local function library for the message mapping. The function is included in the Java coding that is generated for the message mapping as a Java method; it is visible in the data-flow editor in the function category that you assigned to the function in the function properties. You can insert these functions in the data-flow editor just like a standard function.


The ES Builder saves the user-defined functions that you create in a message mapping or mapping template in a local function library belonging to the mapping object. To use a user-defined function in more than one message mapping or mapping template, create the user-defined functions in function libraries in the ES Repository. The user interface is the same for local function libraries and function libraries that are independent of a message mapping or mapping template.


       1.      Implement your user-defined function in either a local or an independent function library (see: Implementing Java Functions).

       2.      Access your user-defined function in the data-flow editor (see: Using Java Functions of Function Libraries).

       3.      Test your function in the test environment.



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