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With adapter metadata you can define configuration data needed for a certain type of adapter at design time. Adapter metadata defines the part of a Communication Channel that is specific to the adapter type.


The functions for creating and editing adapter metadata are intended for parties developing new adapters. They are not intended for general use.

For information on the adapter development: Developing Adapters and Modules.

You can export adapter metadata as an XML file and import it into the Integration Directory. In this way you can provide the configuration with new adapter types.

To export adapter metadata, choose Adapter Metadata    Export XML Description in the object menu bar.


SAP ships adapter metadata for all the adapter types it provides. You can find the adapter metadata shipped by SAP in software component SAP BASIS, software component version SAP BASIS 7.10, in namespace

You can find adapter metadata in the corresponding namespace in the navigation tree of the ES Builder (ES Repository) under Adapter Metadata.

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