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SAP NetWeaver customers can also develop mapping programs by using the ABAP Workbench. At runtime, these programs are executed on the ABAP Engine of the SAP NetWeaver AS on which the Integration Server is running.


At present there is no mechanism for shipping mapping programs of the ABAP Engine with SAP applications and importing them on the Integration Server. Therefore, only customers that can create such mapping programs directly on the SAP Web AS of the Integration Server or can transport them there can use ABAP Engine mappings. Unlike XSLT and Java mappings, which run on the J2EE Engine, mapping programs of the ABAP Engine cannot be imported to the ES Repository. Therefore, there are no mappings shipped by SAP that run on the ABAP Engine.

You can implement the following mapping programs by using the ABAP Workbench:

      ABAP mappings in ABAP objects

      XSLT Mappings (ABAP Engine)


You must register mapping programs in the ES Repository by using operation mappings. In the ES Builder, you select the mapping type from the list box. There are no entries for ABAP Workbench objects in the default settings.

To reference the corresponding development objects of the ABAP Workbench from operation mappings, customers must assign the following value to the parameter in the exchange profile:|Abap-class;R3_XSLT|XSL (ABAP Engine)


For a description of how to access the exchange profile, see the Exchange Infrastructure Profile Parameters section in the Configuration Guide (see SAP Service Marketplace at


Access to the value mapping table is not supported for mapping programs developed using the ABAP Workbench.

Transport and Versioning

ABAP mappings and XSLT mappings (ABAP Engine) are development objects of the ABAP Workbench on the SAP Web Application Server. This has the following consequences:

      You develop these development objects in the Object Navigator (transaction SE80) and transport them using ABAP transports. They must be available on the Integration Server at runtime. XI does not support these transports.

      ABAP mappings and XSLT mappings (ABAP Engine) can only exist in one active version on the Integration Server. In contrast, the Java, XSLT, and message mappings that are executed on the J2EE Engine can be used in multiple versions in parallel.






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