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Procedure documentation Tutorial: Transferring Objects to the ES Repository  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In this tutorial you use the example integration process shipped by SAP with the corresponding objects in the Enterprise Services Repository. To be able to make enhancements to the example, you must import a separate software component version. This means that you can create or enhance objects in this software component version without modifying the original objects shipped by SAP.

You must have completed the steps described in this tutorial to be able to begin the tutorial on defining integration processes.


       1.      Define a new product and software component version in the System Landscape Directory.

More information: 1: Creating the Product and Software Component Version

       2.      In the dependencies of this software component version, define the software component that contains the example shipped by SAP as a subordinate software component version.

More information: 2: Define Dependencies

       3.      Import the software component version you created to the Enterprise Services Repository.

More information: 3: Import Software Component Version

       4.      Create your own namespace. 

More information: 4: Create Own Namespace


You have satisfied all the prerequisites necessary to continue with the tutorial on defining integration processes.

More information: Tutorial: Defining an Integration Process



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