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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text How to change the object size  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can resize the object to fit the size of other objects, or change object size individually:




       1.      Click on an object.

       2.      Click on a handle and hold the mouse button down.

       3.      Drag the mouse pointer in the desired direction.

       4.      Release the mouse button.



The object size is adjusted.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

      With the corner handles, you can change the height and width of the object at the same time. If you use the corner handles with the Shift key held down, the proportions of the object are retained.

      If you keep the Ctrl key held down, the center of the object remains fixed in place despite the change in size.

      If you keep the Alt key held down, the grid will be ignored when the size is changed.

      You can use the other handles to change either the height or the width. If you have selected several objects, the size of the other objects will also be changed in the same way as the size of the object you are changing directly.



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