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You can also define output devices as logical output devices. These logical devices refer to physical devices or to other logical devices, so that you can set up a printer hierarchy. This is useful in the following case, for example.


You define the logical printer Shipment Document Printer. Your users can always select this printer to print shipment documents. If the real printer to which this logical output device points is not available, you simply assign the logical printer to another physical printer.

If your logical output device Shipment Document Printer is first mapped to the physical printer P330 and you now want to map it to the physical printer P521, you only need to change the mapping. You do not need to adjust the whole device definition. Nothing changes at application level, since the logical printer Shipment Document Printer is configured as a printer.

With the definition of logical output devices, you can also easily transport a whole printer hierarchy into a different system. You then assign the physical devices in the other system.



       1.      Call Spool Administration (transaction SPAD), and, on the Devices/Servers tab page, choose the Output Devices pushbutton.

       2.      Choose Change and then Create to create a new device definition.

       3.      Enter a name for the logical output device.

       4.      Choose Logical output device as the device class.

       5.      In the Map to field, specify the physical device to which the local device is to map.

       6.      Save your entries.

You can now assign this logical output device to another physical output device as often as required.


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