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You can combine multiple output devices under one name in a printer pool.


        You want to print an output request on multiple output devices simultaneously.

You can have an output request printed on all of the printers in a pool.


A particular document is often needed at more than one location in your company. You can set up a printer pool that includes the printers at each of the locations where the document is needed.

When this type of document is to be printed, your users can specify the printer pool at the destination printer. The document is printed out on each printer in the pool.

        You want to alternate printing output requests between different output devices in the pool.

You can distribute output requests to the different devices in a pool.


For a critical printing application, you have set up two printers, side-by-side. By setting up a pool for the printers, you can have the spool system issue print requests to the pooled printers.

Assigning a printer to a pool does not prevent you from addressing the printer individually as well. To print on a pool printer without addressing the other printers, just specify the printer’s name instead of the pool name when you print.

For information on assigning output devices to a pool, see here.



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