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You want to define an output device in the SAP system that is to print using the UNIX operating system.


When printing using UNIX, you can connect an output device (PC printer) to the SAP system using a local or remote connection. Before you can define an output device for printing using the UNIX operating system, you must determine what type of connection is used; that is, which access method you need to select for this printer.


As of SAP Web AS 6.20, front-end printing with control technology (access method G) is available. This allows front-end printing from the SAP GUI for Java on non-Microsoft Windows platforms, such as UNIX. For more information, see the Front-End Printing with Control Technology section.




       1.      Determine what the underlying print architecture (connection) is.

        If the SAP spool server (application server with the spool work process) and the UNIX spool system are on the same host, you can create a local connection to the printer. The print requests are processed by the UNIX spool system.

Local connection is usually best, as it is the fastest and most reliable access method.

        If the SAP spool server and the UNIX spool system are not on the same host, you can create a remote PC connection to the printer.

       2.      Create the device definition.


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