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SAPSprint is release-independent and you can update it between releases. You install SAPSprint on the print server.


      SAPSprint is downloaded and saved locally.

The SAPSprint installation is a single executable file (xSprint.exe). You can download it from You find detailed download and install instructions in note 894444.

      The installation host is running Microsoft Windows as the operating system.

      An implementation of the TCP/IP network protocol that supports WinSockets (the WINSOCK interface).

      You have write permissions to a directory on the file system.

You can specify the location of the directory during the installation.

      SAPlpd is uninstalled.

If SAPlpd is installed, uninstall it by deleting the SAPlpd installation directory.

If SAPlpd is installed as a service using the srvany tool, remove the service by executing the following command: Instsrv SAPLPD remove.

      If you want to print Interactive Forms (previously known as PDF-based forms) using SAPPDFPRINT, you should install this program before SAPSprint or SAP GUI, since SAPSprint or SAP GUI will then automatically recognize SAPPDFPRINT. You find more information on this service under SAPPDFPRINT Service (Overview).


       1.      Run the xSprint.exe.

       2.      When prompted, specify the following:

                            a.      SAPSprint installation directory

                            b.      LPD port

The value determines the TCP/IP port that SAPSprint waits on. Port 515 is the standard port for printing using the S and U access method.

Leave the default value 515. Change the port number only if the Windows TCP/IP print service is also running on the installation host.

                            c.      LPD log path

Specifies the path to the log directory. The log directory contains log files and print jobs files. You can configure log files and print job files to be preserved or deleted by setting SAPSprint log level after the installation.


SAPSprint is installed and the service starts running automatically right after the installation. You can define printers with access methods S and U as usual.


See also:

Note 894444.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text SAP Printing Guide Start Page




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