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Procedure documentationDefining Output Devices for Printing Using E-Mail  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


To print using e-mail, you must specify an output device in the print window that has been specially set up for this print method. You can create the output device through the device definition.

This definition creates an output device that sends the print data as an attachment to an e-mail. You can then open and print the print data with the appropriate program.


        You require the appropriate authorization to create output devices.

        The access method M must be available in the device definition (transaction SPAD Output Devices This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Change Output device Create/Create Using Template HostSpoolAccMethod Host Spool Access Method).

If the access method M is not available, you must first run report RSPO0075 in transaction SE38, to activate the access method. It will then be available to you in transaction SPAD.

To do this, enter the name of the report in the Program field in transaction SE38, and choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Execute. Select the option Add Access Method, and choose the access method M as the access method to be added.

        In principle, you can use any device type that can be used in the device definition. However, you must ensure that a suitable printer or display program is available on the target system.


For e-mail printing with device type pdf1, there must be a PDF display program available, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, so that you can open and print the attached PDF file as required.


If you want to create a device definition for printing using e-mail, follow the procedure below:


       1.      Call transaction SPAD, and choose Output Devices.

       2.      If you are not in change mode, switch to this mode by choosing This graphic is explained in the accompanying textChange.

       3.      You can now do the following:

        You can create a new device definition by choosing Output Device Create.

        You can use an existing device definition as a template.

To do this, click the entry for the output device that is to be used as a template, and choose Output Device Create Using Template.

       4.      Specify the name of the output device and fill out the mandatory fields of the individual tab pages as follows:


Tab Page



Additional Information

Device Attributes

Device Type

(recommended) pdf1

You can use any device type as long as an appropriate printer or viewer is available on the target host.


Spool server

depends on system

Select a spool server (application server with a spool work process) from the list.


Device Class

standard printer


Host Spool

Access Method

Host Spool Access Method (operating system spooler)

M (for mail)



E-Mail Address

E-Mail Address


The recipient of the e-mail is determined in three steps.

If no suitable e-mail address is found in the first two steps; that is, in the print window or in the device definition of the printer, the mail is sent to the address entered in the user master data of the sender.


       5.      Save your entries.



You can use the output device defined for access method M to print using e-mail. If you choose a print function such as This graphic is explained in the accompanying text, you can specify this output device in the following print window.

The document is sent as an appendix to a mail and the recipient can display and print the document. For information about determining the recipient, see the Printing Using E-Mail section.



The following example shows the device definition of an output device that is to be used for printing using e-mail:

Device Attributes Tab Page

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


Host Spool Access Method Tab Page

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


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