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You want to print at your front end using SAP GUI for HTML.

With this print method, the print data is sent to the browser and displayed. You can then print the document at your front end.


      The front-end printer must be defined in the SAP system using transaction SPAD. To do this, you must create a device definition with the following details:


       Access method G

       Device type PDF1, PDF, or language-specific version

Since the print data is output using a PDF Viewer when printing using SAP GUI for HTML, the device type must be PDF1/PDF.

       The host printer name is irrelevant in this situation.

      You require the following system components:

       PDF Viewer as a browser plug-in (as of Adobe 4.0)

       Netscape (as of 6.0) or Internet Explorer (as of 4.0)

      You also require the following authorization to access operating system files, in addition to the general authorizations for front-end printing:

       Object: S-DATASET

       Program field: SAPLLPRF

       Activity field: 06, 33, and 34

      When printing using the SAP GUI for HTML, the print requests are temporarily stored in the global file system.

You may have to increase the storage space for the global file system, depending on the quantity and size of the output requests.


The process of front-end printing using the SAP GUI for HTML is as follows:


       1.      The user is logged on to an SAP system with the SAP GUI for HTML and creates an output request on the front-end printer with access method G and the device type PDF1/PDF.

       2.      The print data is stored in the global file system until the spool request is deleted.

       3.      If the print data has been converted into PDF format and the user has chosen immediate printing, the PDF Viewer is started. You can print the document from the viewer.

       4.      If you want to send the print request to the printer later, you can print it from the Output Controller of the SAP GUI for HTML at a later time. Proceed as follows:

                            a.      Open the Output Controller in transaction SP01, set the filter values for the spool requests, and choose Execute.

                            b.      In the list of spool requests, select the desired spool requests, and choose Print.

                            c.      If you have only selected one spool request in the list, the print data is immediately displayed in the PDF Viewer, where you can print the data using the print function.

                            d.      If you have selected more than one spool request for printing, the system displays a list of these spool requests with their respective spool and output numbers. Select the desired request to display it as a PDF and print it. The selected request is then removed from the list. You can remove all requests from the list by choosing Close Window.

                            e.      You can display a list of all spool requests that were created in the SAP GUI for HTML by choosing Utilities List of SAP GUI for HTML Print Requests in transaction SP01.

You can also select spool requests to be printed from this list and print them from the PDF display.


This function is only available if it is used from the SAP GUI for HTML. In the SAP GUI for Windows, the option is grayed out and cannot be called.



More information:

      SAP Note 323736

Front-End Printing on Local Printers

Defining an Output Device for Front-End Printing (SAP GUI for HTML)

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text SAP Printing Guide Start Page



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