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Procedure documentation Managing Print Options


You want to assign print options to an output device or to create a new output device that supports additional print options.


Note that print options are different to Special Print Functions. Print options are stored in the device type and can only be activated, deactivated, or defined as a preselected option for the output device. See also the section Print Options.




       1.      Call transaction SPAD. Enter the name of the output device in the Output Device field on the Devices/Servers tab page.

       2.      Switch to change mode.

       3.      Check whether there is a Print Options tab page for the output device. If there is, continue with step 6.

       4.      If there is not, go to the Device Attributes tab page.

       5.      Select a device type that is appropriate for your printer model in accordance with Device Types for SAP Output Devices (Detailed Information) , and also supports the output format POSS. You can use the This graphic is explained in the accompanying text  Device Type Selection function to do this. Save the output device.

       6.      Go to the Print Options tab.

       7.      You can now deactivate predefined options or individual option values for the device type. For example, if your physical printer only has three input trays, but the device type supports five input trays, you can deactivate the option values “Input Tray 4” and “Input Tray 5” by removing the “activated” indicator. You can also deactivate an option: if, for example, the printer does not have a punch option at all, it is sufficient simply to deactivate the option. Any active option values are then also hidden.


The deactivated options or option values are not displayed in the print dialog of a SAPscript/Smart Forms document. 

       8.      You can set particular options or individual option values as fixed values for the device type by setting the “Preselection” indicator.    


If you select options or option values in this way, they become fixed preselections and are mandatory settings when printing with this output device. The end user cannot change these settings in the print dialog.

For more information, see Printing with Print Options.



Example 1.

You have a department print with a color function, but for cost reasons, want to prevent users from printing in color. In this case, you can deactivate the “Print in Color” option for the connected output device.


Example 2.

You have a specific printer that supports secure printing. This means, that a print process only starts when a password is entered at the printer. In this case, you can make the “User Password” a preselection for the connected output device. In this way, you can ensure that, for example, only a restricted group of users can print on this device.


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