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Function documentation Print Tickets


You can use the Print Tickets function to make Print Options available for automatically-generated print jobs or other non-interactive print operations. You can combine selected print options and their option values in a print ticket, which can then be used for other print operations with the relevant printer.


      This function is only supported for the printing of SAPscript and SAP Smart Forms documents.



You can only create print tickets for an output device with a device type that supports Printing with Print Options (referred to in the following as a POSS device type). Only if this is the case is the Print Tickets tab page visible for this output device in transaction SPAD.



Unlike the individual print options that can be manually selected by end users in the print dialog, print tickets are only available for non-interactive print jobs.

A print ticket is usually created as a “Standard Print Ticket”. This ensures that automatically-generated print jobs are only printed on the connected printer with the settings defined in the ticket.

This is particularly useful for monthly print jobs (such as pay slips) that only run on one printer or a small number of selected printers. 



Create print tickets in transaction SPAD as an attribute of an output device. When you create an output device with a POSS device type, an additional tab page, Print Tickets, is added when you save the output device. On this tab page, you can:

If you create a new print ticket, a new dialog box, Edit Print Options, appears. This dialog box displays the options that are available for the device type. Double-click an option and select the desired option value at the bottom of the dialog box. Proceed in the same way for any other options you want to select and choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text. You have created the print ticket for this output device.




If an administrator subsequently changes the settings for a print option in SAPD, conflicts with the settings in an existing print ticket can arise. For example, an administrator could completely deactivate the Input Tray option, which had three option values:

       1.      Input tray 1

       2.      Input tray 2

       3.      Manual paper feed

although there is already a print ticket that contains this option. In the same way, the administrator could deactivate a single option value, such as Manual Paper Feed.

In both cases, the subsequent change of the print options overrides the print ticket settings.




SPAD Administrator Settings

Print Ticket Settings


Preselection by SPAD administrator

Preselection of option value 3 Manual Paper Feed

Option is set to value 2.

Option value = 3 Manual Paper Feed

Deactivation of an option by the SPAD administrator

Input Tray option is deactivated. 

Input Tray option is set to value 1.

No selection for Input Tray option

Deactivation of an option value by the SPAD administrator

Option value 2 for Input Tray has been deactivated.

Input Tray option is set to value 2.

No selection for Input Tray option


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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text  SAP Printing Guide Start Page




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