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You can use report RSPO0020 for troubleshooting when printing forms that were created using the new PDF-based form solution SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe. This report is intended for administrators, and provides, in contrast to the display in the Output Controller (transaction SP01), a technical view.


When printing Interactive Forms, the complete form is sent to the Adobe Document Services in XML format. These services return “parts” for the forms. These parts always consist of a PDF file and a PostScript, PCL, or ZPL print file, and are placed in the Global Directory.

While the Output Controller (transaction SP01) only lists the parts, report RSPO0020 displays technical details. By double-clicking the parts, you can display a list of the PDF files and the PostScript, PCL, or ZPL print files, together with details about the directory in which they are stored.


A number of examples for using report RSPO0020 are given below:

      If a user attempts to print a document, and the system displays, for example, an error message saying that the document was not found, you can use this report to check what actually exists. You can check whether PDF and print files exist for each document. Causes for missing files could be that a file was deleted from global directory, or that no file was created by the Adobe Document Services.

      The files could, however, also exist but be damaged. To investigate a damaged file in more detail, you can double-click it in the file list, and store the file locally on your PC, to reproduce the error there. You can display the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If this works locally, but not in the system, then the file was created correctly by the Adobe Document Services. You must then analyze the error in more detail.

If, however the PDF is not displayed correctly, this means that an error occurred during the creation of the PDF file.


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