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Background documentation Applying Support Package 11  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The following units need to be upgraded:

SAP NetWeaver Data Orchestration Engine (AS ABAP)

Software Components of AS ABAP

Component to be updated

SP File Name

Tool used to apply SP

SAP Kernel


Version 60 or higher is required


SAP IGS 7.10


SAP ABA 7.10



SAP Basis 7.10


SAP NetWeaver BI  7.10


PI_BASIS 2006_1_710


SAP NetWeaver Mobile Client

Software Components of NetWeaver Mobile Client

Component to be updated

SP File name

Tool used to apply SP

SAP NetWeaver Mobile Client 7.1


Archive Upload Tool

SAP NetWeaver Mobile Administrator

SAP NetWeaver Mobile Administrator

NWMADMIN.SCA - Includes the EP content.

NW Mobile Client Drivers (optional)

DRIVERS.ZIP - This software component provides several peripheral drivers for mobile devices.

NW Mobile Client Agents (optional)

NWMAGENTS.ZIP - This software component provides several mobile client agents. Agents are optional components for customers who want to remotely configure and monitor mobile clients.

NW Mobile Open Device Mgmt (optional)

NWMODM.ZIP - This software component provides several software parts necessary to integrate SAP NetWeaver Mobile with 3rd party device management solutions like Microsoft Systems Management Service (SMS)

Mobile Development Plug-Ins

Software Components CE Developer Studio

Component to be updated

SP File name

Tool used to apply SP

Mobile Applications for Laptops



Mobile Applications for Handhelds



Mobile Development Kit (MDK)



The system performs the updates to SAP NetWeaver Data Orchestration Engine and SAP NetWeaver Mobile client when Support Packages are implemented. The available Support Packages can be found in the SAP Support Portal at Choose the following path: Download    Support Packages and Patches   Entry by Application Group   SAP NetWeaver   SAP NETWEAVER   SAP NETWEAVER MOBILE 7.1.

Upgrading Mobile development Plug-Ins

The SP level of the mobile development plug-ins must be same as the SP level of the CE developer studio. Therefore, you must first upgrade the developer studio before you upgrade the mobile plug-ins. To upgrade the mobile plug-ins, you must first delete the previous version and then install the new version.

Upgrading SAP NetWeaver Mobile client

The minimum support package and patch level required to upgrade to SP06 is listed below:

Mobile client for handhelds

      SP 02: Patch 10

      SP 03: Patch 05

      SP 04: Patch 01

      SP 05: Patch 00

Mobile client for laptops

      SP 02: Patch 10

      SP 03: Patch 05

      SP 04: Patch 01

      SP 05: Patch 00

Assign the full patch or delta patch to the devices by using SAP NetWeaver Mobile Administrator.

More information: Applying Patches on the Mobile Client

When the devices connect to the Data Orchestration Engine (DOE) to synchronize, the client is upgraded to the latest support package.

Upgrading SAP NetWeaver Data Orchestration Engine (AS ABAP)


If you want to upgrade the Data Orchestration Engine from SP02 to SP06, you must apply note 1069963.

Apply support package to the SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP and ABAP based software components.

You can update the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP and all ABAP-based software components running on it using either the standard update or the downtime-minimized update.


If a particular Support Package stack requires the installation or upgrade of some add-on components, you should use the ABAP Add-on Installation Tool (SAINT) instead of the ABAP Support Package Manager (SPAM). In this case, SAINT is able to import both the Add-on components and the related Support Packages of ordinary SAP components. The procedures described below are similar.

Standard update

This alternative consists:

       1.      Updating the ABAP kernel and the SAP Internet Graphic Service (IGS).

Start the system after the kernel update.

       2.      Importing ABAP Support Packages with the ABAP Support Package Manager.

Downtime-minimized update

This alternative makes use of the downtime-minimized mode of the ABAP Support Package Manager to reduce the system downtime during the update. It consists of the following steps:


       1.      In the transaction SPAM, enable the downtime-minimized mode by choosing menu item Extras Settings and on the tab Import queue, activate the option Import mode: Downtime-minimized.

       2.      Import Support Packages into the system in an inactive state in the downtime-minimized mode during system uptime.

       3.      Update the ABAP kernel and the SAP Internet Graphic Service (IGS).

Start the system after the kernel update.

       4.      Complete the Support Package import.


During this step, the system cannot carry out any business transactions (business downtime).


Due to the dependencies of some Support Packages on a particular kernel patch level, the downtime-minimized update does not work in rare cases. In these cases, the Support Package Manager notifies you that you must update the ABAP kernel prior to the import of Support Packages. You must proceed with the standard update procedure.

ABAP Support Package Manager and Add-On Installation Tool

The Support Package Manager (SPAM) imports ABAP Support Packages into an ABAP system. The Add-On Installation Tool (SAINT) enables users to install and upgrade add-on components. You can use SAINT to import add-on components with their prerequisite ABAP Support Packages in a single import queue.


We recommend that you always use the latest version of Support Package Manager. You can get it on SAP Service Marketplace at   Download SPAM/SAINT Update.


To import Support Packages or add-on components, proceed as follows:


       1.      Log on to the SAP NetWeaver AS system with client 000.

       2.      Start the Support Package Manager with the transaction code SPAM, or start the Add-On Installation Tool with the transaction code SAINT.

       3.      Load the relevant Support Packages or add-on installation packages.

       4.      Define an import queue.

       5.      Perform the import of the defined queue.


If you modified SAP objects in your system and these objects are included in the Support Packages, you must adjust the modifications during the import using the transactions SPDD and SPAU.

Post Upgrade Activities

Refer to SAP Note 1497826 for information on the post upgrade activities.

After applying the support package to the DOE, you must regenerate all the data objects that are part of the SAP Basis 7.10 software component version (SWCV) along with other application-specific software component versions.

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