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This guide is the starting point for implementing and using GWM Visual Studio Add-In.

It provides an overview of the GWM Visual Studio Add-In, implementation of its software components, and the available documentation.


In addition to this Master Guide, the following documentation is available on the SAP Help Portal: for working with GWM Visual Studio Add-In:

Installation and Configuration Guide

Developer Guide

For information on constraints and known issues, refer to SAP Note 1844638 Information published on SAP site.

Target Audience


The target audience of the documentation mentioned in this guide are the following:

  • Business Process Expert (BPX), who understands the business that their users perform; and can decide and map the business requirements of the end users working in Microsoft applications to the OData service (in SAP Gateway) endpoints.

  • Developers who have working knowledge in Microsoft .NET, and Microsoft Visual Studio.