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Overview of How to Extend Your GWM Outlook ProjectLocate this document in the navigation structure

How-to Guides have been provided to help you to familiarize yourself with the extensibility capabilities of GWM Visual Studio Add-In. We have listed scenarios that are widely used. By using these scenarios as samples, you can extend the generated code as you prefer.

Jim is an Information Worker who spends most of his time in the Microsoft Outlook application. The primary activities that he uses his Microsoft Outlook are to manage his customer relationship, either by sending and responding to the emails from his customers, or for planning and scheduling his appointments, and meetings with his customers.

At the same time, Jim is also a Sales executive who very frequently interacts with the SAP system to update the details of interactions with the customer. Most of the inefficiencies in Jim's job are created due to opening multiple interfaces to the SAP system and moving, and copying data from his Outlook to the SAP system.

For example, the emails and activities (customer meetings) that is present in his Outlook. This leads to lot of redundant work, and often leads to inconsistent information.

The vision of applications built using GWM is to help Information workers like Jim to efficiently manage his data, and work across multiple systems by providing a unified experience of the various SAP data and processes from the familiar Microsoft Outlook.

Jim, using solutions built using GWM, is now able to access all the required data from the SAP system in his Microsoft Outlook, and also create or modify information from his Microsoft Outlook which eventually will be saved in SAP CRM. All this by not having to log into multiple SAP CRM transactions but with a single login (SSO) from Microsoft Outlook.

He is now able to access:

  • Customer and contact data from the SAP CRM
  • Create and modify customer information from SAP CRM

In all the How to Guides. we use the OData service, GWDEMO, which is shipped by SAP along with SAP Gateway system for Demo purposes.

The name of the service, GWDEMO is provided by the SAP administrator at the time of service activation, and therefore may vary in your SAP Gateway system.

Get in touch with the SAP administrator to activate the service, and get the exact service name. You can also select any OData feed which can be modeled as a Microsoft Outlook Contact entity.