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How to Extend the Generated Excel Add-In ProjectLocate this document in the navigation structure

In this section, you will see how to extend the generated code for the Excel add-in application.

The following are examples to showcase how to customize the generated code for your Excel add-an application:

  • The OData service bound to your generated Excel add-in application has been updated.

    For instance, when the OData service called by your Excel add-in has been updated, you must update the proxy for the service, accordingly.

    The OData service may have been updated to contain new and additional properties, or some properties may have been removed. You need to obtain information about the changes from the OData service developer, and update the generated code for the Excel add-in application to interact properly with the updated service.

  • You want to map additional properties or remove existing mapped properties in the Excel add-in application.

    Note that, the OData service has not changed, however, you want to map or remove mapping for existing properties in the generated code for the Excel add-in.