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Note You should have a basic knowledge of the Global Policy Editor to perform the steps. For an in-depth understanding of Policy rollout, refer to the MSDN site at published on non-SAP site

By default, your project created an administrative file, which is attached to the generated solution. The administrative file is located in the folder, SAP Service Reference, with the file extension name, *.adm, for example, EPM_Accounts.adm.

Your domain administrator needs to use the ADM file to rollout the policy globally. You can add, modify, or delete the entries in the ADM file and save it.

Note If configuration is maintained in both the ADM and App.config file, the configuration maintained in the App.config file is given preference. If configuration is not maintained in the App.config file for the login user, then configuration in the ADM are consumed. See Working with the GWM Generated Application Configuration Files for more information.