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An overview on server side paging.

A server sent data through request-response methodology. The response from the server can be of two types: all data sent once for all, or data sent in chunks.

When the server sends data in chunks it is called Server side paging or pagination. Paging also occur on client side by means of how you control the data you have received. This process is called client side paging.

Both, server side paging and client side paging have their pros and cons. This section gives an overview about the server side paging.

Based on an example of the S_Flight services, you can start pagination on the server by using the transaction /IWBEP/R_SFLIGHT_SET_PAGING on an already established service which has thousands of records.

Each application defines how it resolves pagination on server. GWM handles server side paging by recursively checking for "Entry Element" if it is a Link Element then it shall call a recursive call to get the Atom Link which shall retrieve the next set of elements from server. The recursion shall be applied to the service until we have received all the elements from the service.

The following code explains how GWM resolves server side paging:

Read ()
  If (IsElementsOfType XML feed element)
      // ReadFeedSubElement 
      // GetEntryElements ();