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Completing the Wizard and Generating Your ProjectLocate this document in the navigation structure

Overview of the Project Summary page of the wizard.

The Project Summary page is the page in which you can generate the add-in as a template into your project.

It shows a short summary of the created templates in a project.

A pane displays the following details for each template:

  • Template Name

    Displays the name you defined for the template. A default template name is specified for you in the first page of the wizard.

  • Template Type

    Specifies the selected Microsoft Outlook item you selected as a template. A default template type is selected for you in the first page of the wizard.

  • Service Name

    Specifies the name of the OData service you want to bind to your template.

  • Selected Collection

    Specifies the name of the collections in the selected OData service you want to bind to your template.

If you have existing templates in the project, these are also listed chronologically.

For each listed template, there is an X icon, Remove. When you choose Remove, you are prompted to confirm your action. If you confirm to delete the template, it is removed from the list.

Below the pane, there is the +Add Template button. When you choose +Add Template, the wizard takes you to a new instance of the first wizard page.

Choose the button, Generate Project to complete the wizard and to create the template.

When you complete the steps in the wizard, a set of resources and code are generated into the defined project.

In addition, a summary page opens in your Browser application to present information of the generated code and resources. You can build and run the generated resources for your template, or customize it for your purposes.

Later, you can package and deploy your template in Microsoft Outlook as an add-in.