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Configurations to connect to the SAP Gateway system.


To use GWM Visual Studio Add-In, you must maintain your logon credentials to connect to the SAP Gateway system. The resources that you create in a project can connect to the SAP Gateway system.

This section provides details of the fields required to logon to the SAP Gateway system in Visual Studio.


  1. From the menu, choose Start of the navigation path Tools  Next navigation step Browse SAP Services End of the navigation path, the User Logon SAP Gateway System window opens.
  2. Select the system type from the drop down as Gateway (NetWeaver Gateway), SMP (SAP Mobile Platform) or Azure (Azure Cloud Services) and provide the system specific connection and authentication details. Contact your system administrator for the appropriate details.
    If the selected system type is Gateway, the following fields are required:
    • GW System: Specify the host name or IP address of the SAP Gateway system.
    • Port: Specify the port number of the SAP Gateway host.
    • User Name: Specify the authorized user name to be used when connecting to the specified SAP Gateway system.
    • Password: Specify the password to connect to the specified SAP Gateway System.
    • SAP Client: This is the client of the SAP Gateway system where the services are exposed. If the Use Default Client option is selected, then the connection is made through the default SAP Gateway client.
    • Use SSL Connections is selected, then a HTTPS request is sent to fetch the OData services.

      If the selected system type is SMP, administrator credentials are required if Discover all applications is checked. Else, if AppId is provided, the credentials of the authentication provider configured for the specific application in SMP are required.

      In the case of Azure, only administrator credentials are permitted. In Azure Active Directory (AD), choose the directory and navigate to Applications, and then: