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SAP Gateway for Microsoft: Visual Studio Add-In (GWM Visual Studio Add-In or GWM Visual Studio) simplifies the integration of OData services in SAP Gateway with Microsoft products.

GWM Visual Studio Add-In is a developer tool in Visual Studio that provides the following:

  • An extensive OData browsing functionality. OData services available in SAP databases can be accessed through the NetWeaver Gateway system, SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) or Microsoft Azure cloud services.
  • A set of predefined Visual C# project templates for creating application-level solutions that integrate data from SAP systems into Microsoft applications.

    The following are the predefined project templates available in the Add-In:

    • GWM Outlook 2010 add-in, and GWM Outlook 2013 add-in

      Use the GWM Outlook 2010 or 2013 project to create add-ins that generate code and resources for Microsoft Outlook items, such as Contacts, Tasks, Appointments, and SAP Business Workflow scenarios in Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013. Each project can contain one or more add-in templates with the appropriate configuration for a target solution

    • GWM Excel 2010 add-in, and GWM Excel 2013 add-in

      Use the GWM Excel 2010 or 2013 add-in project to create add-ins that generate code and resources for Microsoft Excel application.

    Each add-in that you create will contain the files and the generated code for your target application. You can either run the solution in the target application without modifying the code, or customize and extend the code to suit your needs.

    The code in your solution can run in the target Microsoft application each time you open the application.

    When installed, you can find the GWM Visual Studio Add-In predefined add-in projects in the New Project dialog box, under the Visual C# node in Microsoft Visual Studio.

  • A mechanism for consuming generic OData services for any Visual Studio C# project.

As a Microsoft .NET developer, you can benefit from the enterprise ready functionalities that are generated by GWM Visual Studio Add-In, without knowing the details, including, authentication, single sign-on, centralized users and system configuration (for example, controlled via Group Policies), and logging (for example, integration in Solution Manager).