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Installing GWM Visual Studio Add-InLocate this document in the navigation structure

This section will guide you to install GWM Visual Studio Add-In on your machine.


The GWM Visual Studio Add-In installer component is a unit of deployment that is applied as a Visual Studio 2010, 2012, or 2013 extension.

Once installed, the extension is available for all users who use the particular computer.
Note Before proceeding with the installation, ensure that you have completed the prerequisites.

To install GWM Visual Studio Add-In, proceed as follows:


  1. Right click the GWM Visual Studio Add-In setup and select Run as administrator.

    The GWM Visual Studio Add-In Setup Wizard appears.

  2. Click Next to proceed with the installation.

    The Welcome page appears.

  3. Click Next to proceed.

    The License Agreement page appears.

  4. Choose the I Agree radio button and then Next.

    The Select Installation Folder appears.

  5. Do the following in the Select Installation Folder page.

    Choose Browse; to change the default installation folder destination.


    It is recommended to install GWM Visual Studio Add-In in a separate folder.

    GWM Visual Studio Add-In is a machine-level installation; that is, once installed by the administrator, the software is available to all users on the system. So choose a folder that is accessible to all the users on the system.

    Choose Disk Cost; to view the disk space required for installing the add-in.

    Choose Back; to go to the previous page of the wizard.

    Choose Cancel; to stop the installation and to exit the installer program.

  6. Choose Next to start the installation.

    The Confirm Installation page appears.

  7. Click to Next to begin the installation.

    The installation of GWM Visual Studio Add-In begins, on successful installation the Installation Complete page appears.

    Note The configuration file for the application can be found in the following location: Start of the navigation path  %APPDATA% Next navigation step SAP AG Next navigation step GMPAM Visual Studio Add-In End of the navigation path.

Next Steps

To use the GWM Visual Studio Add-In, you need to maintain your logon credentials to connect to the SAP Gateway system.

The generated code and the resources that you create in a project for GWM Outlook add-in, or GWM Excel add-in, can connect to the SAP Gateway system required by end users.

Maintain users' log-on credentials in the project's configuration file, or by applying the configurations through Group Policy to all the connected computers.

In addition, make sure that you have the relevant version of Visual Studio Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Visual Studio version you have, as GWM Visual Studio Add-In is delivered without the Microsoft libraries (DLLs).