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Instructions for installing and configuring SAP Gateway for Microsoft: Visual Studio Add-In.

The GWM Visual Studio Add-In is a unit of deployment that is applied as a Visual Studio 2010, 2012, or 2013 extension. Once applied, you can find the extension in the Tools option of the main menu, under Extensions and Updates.

When you install the extension on a machine, it is available for all users of that particular computer.

To use the GWM Visual Studio Add-In, you need to maintain log-on credentials to connect to the SAP Gateway system. The resources contained in the project that you create (namely Microsoft Outlook add-in project templates, C# projects, Microsoft Excel add-in project, and so on) can connect to the SAP Gateway system required by end users. You can specify the log-on credentials of the users in the configuration file of the project, or by applying them via Group Policy to all the connected computers.