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Symptom: You get the following pop-up message that prompts you to check your application configuration:

“The request could not be performed because required configuration settings are missing. Please contact your administrator to fetch the latest configurations files”.

Solution: This issue occurs due to the presence of multiple App.config files in the solution. The App.config that holds all the required configuration for a GWM based solution to work is stored inside the SAP Service Reference folder under the project file. For running a GWM based solution you need to either have only one App.config file, or specifically load the GWM config file as and when needed.


  1. Manually remove or merge the App.config files: You can merge the extra settings inside the App.config file that is generated by the GWM. Care should be taken that the keys remain unique and none of the sections are overwritten. If the outer App.config is created by mistake or due to other reasons and does not contain any configuration then it is better to delete it all together.
  2. Explicitly load the App.config file: With the help of APIs provided with the GWM framework in the class, ThisAddIn.cs, you can explicitly mention the path to the App.config that you want the GWM to read from. The code snippet provided below will help you do the same: Multiple App.config