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Upgrading the GWM ProjectLocate this document in the navigation structure

When an OData service is modified in the SAP Gateway system, the template which uses this service needs to be updated accordingly.

As a developer using GWM, you must receive information on the changes made to the OData service, so that you can upgrade the GWM add-in templates based on the changes in the existing OData service. This section explains how:
  • An existing GWM add-in template can be upgraded using code.
  • Older Microsoft Outlook items can be migrated to latest version.


You have the GWM project for the affected template.


The following are the scenarios in which the GWM templates can be updated:

  • Add/Update the service version and proxy via Add SAP Service Reference
  • Adjust the code depending on the changes that have occurred in the service, such as:
    • Removal of fields from the OData service
    • Addition of new fields to the OData service

To illustrate the mechanism for upgrading a project, let us first create a project based on Appointments and later update it in GWM.

Let us consider that there are three versions of Time Management Service:
  • Version 1 – Contains ‘N’ number of properties
  • Version 2 – Added an extra property, for example, MyRecordID
  • Version 3 – Removed one of the fields, for example, Approval Date

Let us assume that the Time Management Outlook project based on version 1 is already installed in the Outlook. To upgrade the project to version 2 of the service, the upgraded items should have the added MyRecordID user property.

Note Automatic upgrade support is not directly provided, as the mapping is done in the code, and that is why the code needs to be adjusted manually. This solution is recommended because it ensures that user specific configurations are intact.

The Approval Date is shown for the items present in Appointments.

Note In the above image, the property labels are displayed and not the property names. The property label of the Approval Date property of the Time Management service is Date. After you have updated the template, the version 3 should not show the Approval Date property of the Time Management service.