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The installation determines the data source for the user management engine (UME). After installation you may want to change the data source for a number or reasons. For example:

        You are upgrading your system landscape to include new user repositories.

        The data source you want to use for the UME is not available during installation.

The following sections explain what data source options are available to you during and after installation.

During Installation

During installation of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS), you can install the software with an appropriate data source.

After Installation

After installation, you can change the data source of the UME. The following data source changes are supported:

      From the AS Java database to user management of an AS ABAP

      From the AS Java database to a directory service

Once you have a selected a data source other than the AS Java database, you cannot change the data source of the UME. Under certain circumstances you can make modifications to the data sources as follows:

      For a directory service

        Change the directory service structure

        Change to another directory service

        Add additional directory servers

The UME supports a maximum of five directory servers

      For an AS ABAP

       Change which data source configuration file is used

       Change the AS ABAP used as the data source


For information about the restrictions on changing the data source after installation, see SAP Note 718383.

More Information:

        Database Only as Data Source

        LDAP Directory as Data Source

        User Management of Application Server ABAP as Data Source

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