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Procedure documentation Accessing Data Source Configuration Files Online  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Use this procedure to download and upload a data source configuration file while the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java is up and running.

If the AS Java is not running you can access the data source configuration files offline.

For more information see Accessing Data Source Configuration Files Offline.

For more information about how to change data source configuration files, see Customizing a UME Data Source Configuration.


Upgrades may include changes to the data source configuration files shipped with the AS Java. When you perform an upgrade to your AS Java installation, these changes are not reflected in your modified configuration file. You must add these changes to your modified file manually.


This procedure requires you to restart the AS Java, so you should plan for the required down time while the AS Java restarts.



       1.      Download the configuration file:

                            a.      Start user management configuration.

For more information about starting user management configuration, see Configuring User Management.

                            b.      Choose the Data Sources tab.

                            c.      Choose Modify Configuration.

                            d.      In Data Sources, select the file you want to modify.

                            e.      Choose Download File.

       2.      Create a copy of the file.


When naming the copy, use a name supported by the upload function. The filename must begin with dataSourceConfiguration_ and end with .xml. The rest of the filename must observe the following:

        0 to 9, A to Z, and a to z

        Period (.), underscore (_), percent sign (%), tilde (~), minus sign (-), and parentheses ((…))

        No spaces

       3.      Open the copy of the file in a suitable editor and modify it as required.

       4.      Upload the modified file:

                            a.      In the Data Sources tab, choose Browse and browse to the modified file.

                            b.      Choose Upload File.


Make sure the file name follows the file name conventions described above.

                            c.      Choose Save All Changes  to save the entire configuration (that is, data from all the tabs). Otherwise choose Restore Saved Settings  to undo all data you have entered on this tab.

       5.      Restart the AS Java.

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