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The XML file must include the tag <dataSources> and underneath one or more data source configurations.


     <dataSource id="PRIVATE_DATASOURCE">

     <dataSource id="CORP_LDAP">


Metadata of a Data Source

The metadata of a data source is specified as attributes in the <dataSource> tag and describes the data source and how the persistence manager uses it.

Mandatory Attributes

      id: Specifies the name that the persistence manager or an application uses to identify the data source. The ID has to be unique.

Allowed characters are capital letters (“A”-“Z”) and underscores (“_”). The length of Ids is restricted to 20 characters.


Changing the ID of an existing data source leads to inaccessible data.

      className: Specifies the implementation class of the data source, which implements the IDataSource interface. The specified class has to be loadable by the class loader which loads the jar

The following values are allowed:


(used to read/write UME data from/to a database)

(used to read/write UME data from/to an LDAP server)


This list may be extended in the future by new data source implementations developed by SAP or customers.

Optional Attributes

displayName: Contains a meaningful name or a resource bundle key which is used to display the data source on a user interface.

isReadonly: Specifies whether the data source is only used for read and search operations, or also for create, modify and delete operations.

Allowed values: true, false

Default value: false (used if the attribute is not specified)

isPrimary: Must always be true.


<dataSource id="CORP_LDAP" 
        displayName="SAP Employees" 


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