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The Licenses and Certificates functions allow you to view the number of remaining days of validity for the corresponding license, and the state of expired system certificates.


You have started SAP NetWeaver Administrator and use the AS Java Overview tool.


Managing Licenses
  1. The red traffic light of Licenses indicates that there are fewer than seven days left until the license expiration.

  2. To display the license state, choose Check Licenses from the context menu of the Licenses function and go to the Licenses application.

  3. Use the Install from File button to import a new license or to extend the old one with a temporary license.

Administering Certificates

The Certificates function indicates a problem when its state shows “Expired” or “Expiring in three months”. To fix the problem, do the following:

  1. Choose Manage Certificates from the context menu of the Certificates function.

  2. Filter the Key Storage Views screen area by status and type.

  3. Choose the expired certificate.

  4. Import a certificate from a view or file using the Import from View or Import from File buttons in the Details screen area.