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Procedure documentation Changing the ABAP Client for the UME After a Client Copy  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Use this procedure to switch to a new ABAP client for the user management engine (UME) after performing a client copy of the current client.


      This procedure requires you to restart the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java, so you should plan for the required downtime.

      The new client contains all users, roles, and user/role assignments of the original client, and you have not made any changes to these elements in the new client since creating the copy. If you have changed the client, you must use the procedure described in Changing the AS ABAP Back-End System for the UME. You must also use the procedure for changing the back-end system if you switch to a client copy created in a remote system.



       1.      Start the Destination service.

For more information, see Maintaining RFC Destinations.

       2.      For the RFC destination UMEBackendConnection, enter the new client value.

If you configured the RFC destination UMEBackendConnectionForChanges, you must maintain the new client value for this RFC destination, too.

       3.      Choose Ping Destination.

If the test fails, go back and reenter the connection data and test the connection until you are successful.

       4.      Restart the AS Java.

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