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Procedure documentation Assigning a Logical System to a Client  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You perform this cross-client procedure only once for each SAP system.


You can only assign a client to one logical system.



       1.      Log on to one of the SAP systems (such as ADM, client 070) as the administration user.

       2.      In the Implementation Guide (IMG, transaction SALE), choose Sending and Receiving Systems Logical Systems Assign Client to Logical System (transaction SCC4).

       3.      Switch to change mode.

       4.      Call the detail display of the client that you want to assign a logical system by double clicking on the line of the client (for example, client 070).

       5.      In the Logical System field, specify the name of the logical system to which the selected client is to be assigned (such as ADMCLNT070).

       6.      In the current SAP System, perform steps 3 and 4 for all clients in this SAP System that are to be included in the CUA.

       7.      Save your entries.

Perform steps 1-7 in all other SAP systems in the CUA.


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