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A system user (with the default name SAPJSF) handles communications between the user management engine (UME) and the user management of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) ABAP. You are not required to change the password of system users regularly. However, if you change the password of this user in transaction SU01, you must also change the password stored for this user in the AS Java database to match.


You must maintain the password of the system user for UME-ABAP communication, or the AS Java cannot start. If the AS Java cannot start, activate the emergency user and maintain the password of the system user in the RFC destination.

More information: Activating the Emergency User


      You know the new password of the system user for UME-ABAP communication in the ABAP system. You need this information to change the password stored in the database of the AS Java.

      This procedure requires you to restart the AS Java, so you should plan for the required downtime while the AS Java restarts.



       1.      Start the Destination service.

More information: Maintaining RFC Destinations

       2.      For the RFC destination UMEBackendConnection, enter the new password for the service user for UME-ABAP communication.

       3.      Choose Ping Destination.

If the test fails, go back and reenter the connection data and test the connection until you are successful.

       4.      Restart the AS Java.


The AS Java is now configured to support the new password of the system user for UME-ABAP communication.

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