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You can monitor the started, failed, and restarted nodes on system level by using the Started, Failed or Restarts functions within the Nodes pane.


You have started SAP NetWeaver Administrator and use the AS Java Overview tool.


  • The traffic light of Started is red if no nodes are started. To resolve this problem, restart your system or determine the exact reason why it stopped.

  • If the traffic light of Failed is red, at least one node has failed.

  • The Restarts function shows the total number of restarts of all server nodes in the system. If the number of restarts is too high, log on to your system and determine which server node has the greatest number of restarts.

To manage the problems with all started, failed, and restarted nodes, choose View Java Server Nodes from the dropdown menu for each function and navigate to the Start & Stop application within SAP NetWeaver Administrator.