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You assign authorizations for accessing the SAP System to a user on the Roles tab page.


After an upgrade or release change, you must regenerate and revise the role profiles (generated profiles). To do this, choose Environment Installation/Upgrade (transaction SU25).


You can enter any number of roles, the validity of which you can restrict with the Start Date and End Date columns. If you choose input help for these columns, the system displays a calendar in which you can select the date.

Reference User for Additional Authorizations

To assign additional authorizations to a user, you can also assign a reference user  to it (see Logon Data Tab Page).

Special Features if You Are Using Central User Administration (CUA).

If you are using Central User Administration with the field distribution setting Global for the Role field (transaction SCUM), the Roles tab page in the central system has the following special features:

         The additional column System that specifies the system in which the role is valid

         The additional pushbutton Text Comparison, with which you can make the profile and role names of the child systems known to the central system

If you are operating the CUA with Trusted Systems, you can use the Display Role button to display the selected role in the child system from the central system, in either a new session or in the same session. If errors occur when displaying the role that prevent the starting of the new session, or that cause the new session to terminate immediately, you can use the display in the same session for error analysis (more information: SAP Note 1053026).

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